1. Sharon Gebhardt

    I commend you for what you do. I have had bad experiences with emergency vets. My husband and I agreed if our own vet can’t treat our babies then we will let it go at that Most of the time you spend thousands and the pet dies anyway. Thank you.

  2. lynda

    I admire you taking on this problem. I had a 6 yr old male corgi that suddenly went blind. At the time I could afford to take him to the doggie opthomologist, have his nose tubed and a list of other things done to diagnose what was the matter with him. Final diagnosis was a tick bite had started the whole bag of symptoms. Although I now knew what Hobbes had the treatment was trial and error. 2 years after diagnosis the Emergency Center was there at 3am when it was apparent he was on his last journey. I took him there… I did not want my vet who I have a relationship with to put him down. As he was lead to the back room to insert the IV the young tech ran him into the wall .. I choked out He is blind. I dont second guess myself on the decision I made at that time… but I feel sorry for people who can not afford to find out what is the matter with their little furry one. I love Hobbes and miss him still.

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