Pawbly’s Purpose. Why Good Pet Advice Should Always Be Free.

Pawbly was built with a singular purpose; to help animals and pets in need.

We are in the unique position of being the touchstone for pet parents and enthusiasts centered at the intersection of need, provision, and perception. Pawbly empowered by pet professionals of every background and ability to deliver meaningful purpose and information to these interactions. Essentially we are an information exchange platform poised as a conduit. We are the meeting place where all sorts of helpful and relevant pet-centered information is swapped between those in need and those with the experience, knowledge and compassion to provide it. Nothing too novel in concept, but in reality we are singular in scope of purpose, method of delivery, and cost to parties involved (we are free after all- who else does that?).

What is the best way to help a pets and pet owners in need? Utilize the passionate, pet-loving masses, and select those with credible reputable experiences, tools, and knowledge who will share it so that pets around the globe can benefit from it.  Furthermore, all of the information needed to help nearly every possible situation is already out there scattered across the vast world wide web. Pawbly makes this incredible amount of information easier to assimilate and use by comprehending it, curating it, and delivering it. We know that people love their pets. We know that they will do whatever they can to provide for them. They just need some help in understanding where to look, how to proceed affordably, and what is the best chance for a favorable outcome.

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The original concept of providing community-supported assistance through an open exchange network is the birth right of the internet. Pawbly strives to achieve an open, free and accessible network that allows multiple points of contact to insure maximum options of care to a pet in need. Pawbly is different in our ability to provide credible information from a myriad of knowledgeable reputable people all in one place and all for free. The source is crowd-driven and the power remains in that premise.

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Ask us anything about your pets! We are here to help. We are determined, destined, and intent on doing.

Love animals? We do TOO! That’s why Pawbly is FREE and that’s why we work so hard to make animal care more accessible, easier to understand, and the best advice possible free for everyone! Please consider becoming a part of our global community to help those pet owners out there in need of good information and advice. Here, at Pawbly, compassion always comes first.


  1. Chnady

    Hello! My basset had ivdd surgery last Tuesday and came home Thursday in pain pills and a mild sedative since he was very nervous and stressed after surgery. He is being weaned off steroids since they tried those for 4 days before surgery. He is peeing all over himself every time he moves they have him in hytrin also. Now he is popping very freely without warning and it is getting all over him. I have him in male wraps for the pee but when he sits up he poops too. Not a lot but a little. Is this normal with all his meds and when do they regain control of these functions? Thanks!

    • admin

      Every IVDD dog has their own schedule and recovery time frame. There are multiple blogs that might help if you search and IVDD. I hope they help. Best wishes

  2. Brandon Barela

    I am pretty desperate at this moment, I feel like I am backed into a corner and REALLY need help. I had to separate from my best friend Diesel (an American cocker spanial). I had him stay with a friend, who happened to be on a farm. I was suppose to be away for a month, ended up coming home 2 weeks earily. Upon reuniting with Diesel we got home and time for a bath. As I was rinsing off I was discovering that my worst nightmare was showing its self. Floating in the water were what seemed like hundreds of foxtails. I then realized that I really never should have left my dog and was already to late, the damage has already been done. He was not groomed before I left, so he was like a cotton ball running through darts everyday for 2 weeks. I knew all I could do at this point was to remove as many as possible. Then I took him to the vet. The ended up removing 1 strand from deep in his ear. I paid the vet, got him home and we rested. Next day I decided to go ahead and take a 2nd look to make sure he was ok. Long story short he wasn’t and isnt. After 3 vet visits. 2 groomers and a month later. I found myself broke defeted and un-satisfied with being told he dose not have them and is fine. I know that he dose have them they have got through the surface and have penitrated through his skin. I can see them in his eyes he is in pain unable to get comfortable when resting. He has all of the symptoms that are described when they are in the body. His eyes are a little swollen, not too noticeable if your not his owner. He has the sneezes like they are in his nose. He coughs like he swallowed some his chest area also has indication they penitrated through his chest. His ears twitch, he naws at his paws, I believe I saw one in his private area, and he see acts like his bottom is irritated. I again not satisfied with being told he is ok, because I know he is not ok. I even contacted the cocker rescue who were really awesome came outta there way to pick him up house him with a foster and took him to there vet. I picked him up 4 days later and still sit and feel helpless as I am un-able to do any thing. I know he is in pain, suffering, and scared. I agree with all of the people who have tried to help me with this unfortunate nightmare. He dose not have any in his coat or outter body areas. I do know they are under the skin, in the vets sockets and other places. I don’t have any more money, people are upset that I am projecting. I could really use someone who can help and guied me on how to try and approach this battle. I take my roll as a dog owner seriously, I am his voice and the one who is responsible to speak up for him to make sure his needs are meet. I feel I have done that several times. I am doing something wrong because he is still suffering and is in need of help. I dunno if the are vet specialist that focus on foxtails. I really need to find a way to be heard and help Diesel get the medical attention he needs.

    • admin

      Hello, I am sorry but for the delay. I am so sorry to hear about your dog. I hope that he gets better and that you can manage his pain. I would reach out to the rescues and family/friends. You are in my thoughts.

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