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The Pawbly Pack is all about building bonds between pets and people and enriching the lives of companions around the globe. Many of us live in smaller homes with  less area to allow our best friends to roam, chase, and embrace their inner prey drive or curiosity. That’s why when a new product comes along that provides all of these features we jump for joy, wag our tail, and perk our ears. Learn about PlayDate here.

For those of you less inclined to play a video game with your pets. Here are some of  our favorite old time INDOOR pet toys and games;


  1. Kongs (we love them stuffed with organic peanut butter (only 1 ingredient kind) and refrigerated,
  2. Tug of war. It is very important to teach appropriate pull, bite, and play so tug within boundaries. Or better yet, let two dogs play it together!
  3. Food prize puzzle boards,
  4. Guess which hand the treat is in, (Bonus; after a training command is executed),
  5. Hide and seek a healthy treat,
  6. Or do it yourself with an empty, partially deflated plastic bottle play toy!

jitter hold toy


  1. Organic catnip stuffed toys,
  2. Cat trees,
  3. organic catnip on corrugated scratching posts.
  4. Chase the scarf (no string please! Linear foreign body!),
  5. Laser light (if done in small sessions and never point at the cat),
  6. play mice with bells, squealers, or catnip,,, every cat loves to embrace their inner prowess. How about making your own with a baby sock with a small bell and a pinch of catnip?

Want to know what is on the horizon for interactive high tech play time with your pets? Check out this new toy PlayDate on INDIEGOGO

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