Sneezing after Coming Home from Kennel

Karen asked a question about her toy poodle who is up to date on vaccinations but was sneezing after coming home from boarding. It’s vacation time and many of us are sending our dogs and cats to doggie day care while we sneak away for a little vacation time … but what do you do … [Read more…]

Getting Help For Pets Has Never Been Easier

Have you asked a question on Pawbly yet? If you have, you’re not alone. Pawbly is growing and we’re excited to be able to provide a resource for pet parents that helps with all kinds of pet care issues. From questions about food and diet to advice about medical conditions, Pawbly is dedicated to providing … [Read more…]

Helping Pets On Pawbly

One of the greatest powers of the internet lies in it’s ability to make the world smaller. The internet can reunite long lost friends, help a consumer find a rare product, and if Pawbly has anything to say about it … help connect a pet in need of help with someone that has the experience … [Read more…]

How did you come up with the name Pawbly?

One of the most common questions we get asked (other than questions related to pet care) is “how did you come up with the name Pawbly?” … pronounced PAW – BLEE. The original version of our company was actually called BelaPet. Unfortunately, that name presented some confusion when it came to the domain name (or … [Read more…]

We’re Helping Pets in a Very Big Way

My co-founder Krista and I met at her veterinary practice in February of 2012. Krista was hosting a spay & neuter clinic for feral cats and I had just started an animal rescue. I was fortunate enough to be invited to stop by and visit the clinic. After all the spays & neuters were done, … [Read more…]

A new and improved Pawbly is just around the corner

On Thursday February 6th, starting at 11:00pm EST, the Pawbly platform will undergo an important upgrade. The new version of our system is built on an entirely new code base with a completely redesigned interface. As a result, you will enjoy significantly enhanced speed and what we hope will be a superb user experience. What … [Read more…]